Step 3: Connect your Salesforce Integration User

To connect your Salesforce Integration User, here are the steps: First, log into Salesforce as your integration user. For clarity, it's recommended to use an Incognito window. This ensures that you're running a single active Salesforce session in your browser. Keep in mind that:

  • You should directly log in as the integration user. The "Login As" feature to impersonate a user won't work in this context.
  • Integration users with SSO, 2FA, or API-only settings can be connected. If the user is API-only, a login error might pop up, but don't worry – you can still successfully authorize Boomerang once your session is active.
  • Head over to Boomerang application: Settings → Integrations → Connect to Salesforce.
  • Once you login into your Boomerang Account, you need to click on the button on the top right-
Notion image
  • A shelf will slide out, on which you need to click on the connect button for Salesforce-
Notion image