Permissions for Integration User

Object Permissions:

Full Read/Create/Edit access

  1. Contact
  1. Lead
  1. Account

Full Read access

  1. Opportunity
  1. Opportunity Contact Role
  1. Task
  1. Event

System Permissions

  • API Enabled
  • Run Reports
  • Export Reports
  • Access Activities
  • Customize Application
  • View All Data
  • Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions
  • View All Users

Making Permissions Changes

  • For “Salesforce” User License type
    • Head over to Setup --> Users --> Profiles --> [Select the Profile for your Integration User] --> Object Settings --> [then apply the necessary changes as specified above]
  • For "Salesforce Integration" User License type
    • Firstly, create a permission set that grants Read/Write/Modify All/Delete rights for the Boomerang Object, along with the supplementary permissions mentioned in the referenced article above. This new permission set should then be assigned to your integration user.
    • Next, navigate to the Integration User record. There, update the "Permission Set License Assignments" by including the standard permission for "Salesforce API Integration."
You could alternatively create a Permission Set with the permissions above and apply it to the integration user you created for Boomerang