Permissions for End Users

Anyone who needs to access Boomerang Leads or Contacts (this usually includes roles like Account Executives, Business Development Reps, and Customer Success Managers) will require certain access permissions:

  • Read/Edit Access (Edit access is essential to view dynamic layouts):
    • All Boomerang Objects (Boomerang, Boomerang Account, Boomerang Opportunity)
  • Read-Only Access:
    • All Boomerang package fields on Lead/Contact/Account objects (these are prefixed with “brai__”)

If you chose "Install for All Users" during the Boomerang managed package installation, these permissions are already set for all Profiles, so there's nothing more you need to do.

However, if that's not the case, here’s how you can update the permissions:

  1. Adjusting Object-Level Access:
      • Navigate to Setup --> Users --> Profiles --> [Select a Profile] --> Object Settings --> Boomerang/Boomerang Account/Boomerang Opportunity. Here, you can modify the object-level access for Boomerang.
  1. Configuring Field-Level Access:
      • Head to Setup --> Users --> Profiles --> [Select a Profile] --> Object Settings --> Contacts/Leads/Accounts. This is where you can adjust the field-level access for Boomerang fields on the Leads/Contacts/Account objects (look for fields prefixed with "brai__").